The Vegetarian Cook Book

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The Vegetarian Cook Book (substitutes for Flesh Foods) written by E.G. Fulton was first published in 1910 and was so successful the author came out with this second edition in 1914. Not known to many people now, but at the turn of the century there was a large vegetarian movement afoot, and this was one of the most popular cookbooks of the time.  Here are a few words from the author’s preface:

“The enthusiasm with which the first edition of “The Vegetarian Cook Book” was received by the public, and the increasing demand for a more extended work on the same subject, have led to a careful revision of the book. This edition, like the former, is placed upon the market with the intention of supplying a need not met by the ordinary cook book. It is a recognized fact that the foundation for many of the ills of the human race is laid at the table through the eating of unwholesome food. Believing that prevention is better than cure, special attention has been given to the preparation of healthful as well as palatable dishes. True to this plan, and as suggested by the name of the book, all meat recipes have been omitted, the superiority of other foods being recognized.
Nor are the advantages of a vegetarian diet any longer a matter of experiment. The prevalence of disease among animals is leading thousands of thinking men and women to discard flesh foods, and to turn to the more natural diet of nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. Special attention has been given in this book to the preparation of foods that will consti- tute appetizing and nutritious substitutes for meat dishes. An effort has also been made in all recipes to avoid such combinations of food elements as interfere with the processes of digestion. In fact, wholesome food, palatable, in abundant variety, and with economy in the cost of preparation, may be said to be the message of the book. In revising the original work, many new recipes have been added, as well as several entire chapters intended to make the book of greater value for family use, and also for restaurant and sanitarium work. Accuracy in detail has been followed throughout in the preparation of recipes; and this second edition is submitted to the public with the firm belief that those who give the book a fair trial will find a vegetarian diet both pleasing and healthful. E. G. F.”


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