A Chambermaid’s Diary

Oct 24, 2013 by

chambermaid An EXACT reproduction from the original translation of  A CHAMBERMAID’S DIARY by OCTAVE MIRBEAU first published in 1900.  This is the English version.

“A French chambermaid, who has served in Paris, in the houses the nobility, the bourgeois, and professional people, finally enters the service of a rich couple living in the country, and there she begins to keep a diary. In describing the events of her daily life and the people about her, she is frequently reminded of episodes in her past, and digresses to relate them. Thus her diary becomes a piquant panorama of social life and institutions. It is a terrific social exposure, a grim social satire, crammed with humor, and bitterness, and truth. It has been described by a French critic as an attempt to show that nearly ail the masters are low-lived wretches, and that nearly ail the servants are as near like them as they know how to he.”


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