A Collection of Chinese Proverbs

Feb 27, 2013 by

chineseA COLLECTION OF CHINESE PROVERBS by William Scarborough is a wonderful old book first published in 1875. In this book, each proverb is given in Chinese characters and transliterated, preceded by the English translation.  This book has been impossible to find, and if it was found was very expensive. I love this new trend of being able to purchase a copy of the exact old book – what I mean by that is it is an actual reproduction taken from the original book.  I love the look and feel of old books, old print, the old layout etc.  If I can’t afford an original copy of the out of print book, I am thrilled to find a version such as this.  We live in a new age!

A few proverbs for you in English, I don’t have the ability to write Chinese characters so you’ll have to check out the book:

“Some study shows the need of more”

“By eating we overcome hunger; and by study ignorance”

“Excessive politeness must cover deceit”

“The rich feed on flesh ; the poor on herbs”

“A generation is like a swift horse passing a crevice”

“Dispute the price, but don’t dispute the weight”

“No needle has two sharp points”


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