A Message from Roosevelt from Beyond the Border

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For all you lovers of old occult and channeling books, I have discovered a real gem. This book is an EXACT reproduction from a copy of the original book A MESSAGE FROM ROOSEVELT FROM BEYOND THE BORDER by An Amanuensis first published in 1922.  Here’s a small bit from the beginning of the book: “The purpose of this foreword is not to present an argument to prove the reality of communication between those who have passed beyond the border and their friends in the material world nor to attempt to convince the sceptical of the genu- ineness of the communications that follow. The various articles must stand upon their own merit, upon the evidence that they themselves contain. The aim of this brief account is to narrate some of the personal experiences that transformed the writer from an avowed disbeliever in all things psychic and mystical to an active participator in psychic experiences. I was not simply sceptical of these things, but held that any one who professed to believe them was either a fool or a mountebank. The awakening came in 1913 through a series of remarkable telepathic communications, in some of which I was the transmitter, and in others the receiver. The first instance was the re- ceipt, word for word, of the thought of a person whom I had met for the first time. The force with which the thought was received and the strangeness of the experience caused the words literally to ring in my ears for hours. Subse- quently the person in question verified the ac- curacy of the message received. The experience led to definite tests, during which on two occasions I was awakened out of a sound sleep by messages which proved to have been received with absolute accuracy. The writer sent a mes- sage from New York to London telepathically, and on another occasion to central Illinois and received acknowlegements by letter without having mentioned to anyone the fact that such messages had been sent. At another time the following was received telepathically from Illinois at about eleven o’clock in the morning : “Am leaving for New York, will arrive Thursday” At five o’clock in the afternoon the following telegram was received : “Am leaving for New York via Chicago, will arrive Thursday,” Thought transferences of as clear and conclusive a character were carried on with several people, both men and women, at that time and have continued down to the present. Such experiences compelled a certain amount of reconstruction of beliefs and brought a willingness at least to examine things that had been brushed aside as unworthy of notice. In December 1913, I decided to investigate astrology, and went to the telephone at once and asked for an appointment with Miss Evangeline Adams, without giving my name. It was then six o’clock, and at eight thirty I was in Miss Adams’s studio. To her the horoscope seemed to be particularly interesting, and as a result Miss Adams was instrumental in bringing about introductions to people of kindred tastes who have become permanent friends. The particular thing in the interview pertinent to the present narrative was a warning given to the effect that I was likely to have the experience of being temporarily absent from the body, and that I should advise friends not to disturb me in such a case. On February 12, 1914, the thing actually happened, and was repeated on the two succeeding days, and would have recurred on the 15th had it not been resisted with all the will power at my command. “  Enjoy!


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