A Relation of Proceedings Concerning the Affairs of the Kirk of Scotland

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Here we have for all you Scottish history buff, an exact reproduction of A RELATION OF PROCEEDINGS CONCERNING THE AFFAIRS OF THE KIRK OF SCOTLAND From August 1637 to July 1638 by John Earl of Rothes first published in 1830.  I first though when I found this book that it would be full of juicy tidbits…if ye know what I mean….however, I’m still trying to decipher it. I belief the F is read as an S… Let me know what any of you smarty pants can decipher from this historical masterpiece!  ” Wee, the Servants of the Sone of God, and preachers of that peace that partes underftanding, being fenfible of that fearfull wrath of God that perfueth this land for our fins and the fins of the people, wherthrow our Kirk is rent through fchifine, the worfchip of God defylled by fuperflitione, and the whole people in a fyre, which is ready to confume all if it be not quenched, haveing humbled ourielves to our God as we dow, renued our Covenant with his Majeflie, and made Supplicatione to our Soveraigne, do give your Grace heartie welcome, as his Majefteis Commiffioner, and the meflenger of the God of Heaven, by whofe bleffing your Grace may be a happie inftrument for doeing one of the beft works that can be done in this earth, for the honour of God, contentment of the King, good of our Kirk, peace and tranquilitie of our Kingdome, and joy of all the reformed Kirks in the world, as haveing power in your Graces hands to quench this fyre of divifione, and put away the caufes of this corabuftione, purge the houfe of God, minifter juftice, and give fatisfactione to grieved foules in their juft fupplicationes, wherby your Grace fliall prove a worthie patriot, faithfull counfeller, good Chriftan, and a compaffionat member of your mother Kirk, mourning under raaniefold miferies, and fall reap the fruit of a fweit re- membrance in efter ages, and a wonderful peace and flrong confolatione when it comes to the breaking of the eye-firings and giving of the lafl; gafp. For who liveth and fall not fee death, when all the pleafours and honours of 1638. this world fall fland in no ftead ? And this we and our people expect at your Graces hands, and humblie and heartilie crave it in His name who Tail judge the quick and dead.”





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