All’s Not Gold That Glitters or The Young Californian

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 A reproduction of the original book ALL’S NOT GOLD THAT GLITTERS OR THE YOUNG CALIFORNIAN by Cousin Alice (Alice B. Haven) first published 1868. An interesting tale of a young man’s journey to California to find gold. “Now he was free from all restraint as if he had been a man ; the undisputed possessor of almost two thousand dollars. He hurried towards the tent, to look at this accumulated treasure, not with any selfish, miserly feeling, hut to find out the exact amount, and plan how he could best reach home with it. In the short distance he had still to go, his quick thoughts had shaped out a great deal for the future. He would go home by the steamer, and be the first to tell his mother the sad news, for he knew she could bear it better in the joy of his return. There would still be money enough left to buy back the lost land they had parted with, and the house, and something to get started with. He could manage a little farm, if not very well at first, after a few years, with Squire Merrill s ad vice, and his mother s help. ” Mother was as good as a man, any day,” he said to himself. But then how much gold there was yet in California, and every one said they had had wonderful luck. Now he was here, wouldn’t it be best to stay and work another season, and go home rich ! How the people would look up to him, and mother could have the whole farm. He might as well after all that trouble !”




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