An Hour With the Angels or A Dream of the Spirit Life

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An Hour With the Angels or A Dream of the Spirit Life by A. Brigham was originally published in 1872 and states in the beginning of the book: “Four thousand years of angel ministries, of visions and dreams, and the occasional appearance of the spirits of departed men, as recorded in the Bible, ought to be sufficient to establish the principle, that spirit communion is possible. ”  This book is the author’s communion with angels and what he learned.

A few paragraphs from the book for you:

“Then I said, may I ask how or why it is, that, since the Gospel has been preached on the earth to every creature, so many seem to have An Hour with the Angels miscarried and find themselves in so low and undeveloped a condition in this sphere ? Another spirit then spoke and answered me. ” It is,” he said, ” because men have so misunderstood and misapplied that Gospel. Some have preached their own creeds and dogmas instead of the word of God. Some, contrary to the living Word, have eternalized the wrath of God, instead of his mercy. Others have taught schemes of substitution, or evasions of duty, instead of honest, moral obedience. Such teachings have often been so revolting to reason, often so offensive to man’s best moral instincts, that the only alternative has been to discard reason, or discard the proffered religion.

“Many teachers, in their self-confidence, have torn away the clearest landmarks of God’s truth, and denied the eternity of His most merciful attributes. They regard not the immutability of his justice or of his love and mercy. They ignore the great principle that no event can take place without an adequate cause. They acknowledge not that heaven and happiness, like any other good, must be earned by faithful endeavor. Often have they made the word of God of none effect, by their traditions — which imply that the treasures of the soul may be drawn like a prize in a lottery — or that the full glories of the spirit world may be bought with a cup of perishable matter.

“Man, in his primal sphere, has all the weakness and imperfection of childhood ; and his mind imbibes many errors; so that many of the lessons of his earth-life, must afterward be unlearned. Men are often blinded and lost in moral darkness. But when the true light shall shine on their pathway, then will they hasten their steps heavenward. The main pillars of faith that will inspire us to work for our salvation, are that God has made us for endless progress, and has promised that our labor shall never be in vain. As we sow, in all spheres of existence, so shall we also reap.”


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