Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland Vol III Part II (1615-1624)

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I’ve found a truly wild book for all you interested in the law or Scotland or the law in Scotland back in the day! I have for you a reproduction from the original book Ancient Criminal Trials in Scotland Vol. III Part II (1615-1624) by Robert Pitcairn first published in 1833. If you can make your way around the language, it is Law & Order from the 17th century!  Here’s a wee sample of the text (when reading remember “f” is actually an “s” when pronouncing it. I personally can’t make heads or tales of it, but it is a great book to have at home for a conversation starter, or killer (no pun inteneded!): “Jun. 9. WILLIAME NORVELL, fcole-maifter in Cokpen. 2 Accufit and perfewit be Dittay, at the inftance of Mr Robert Lyntoune, fubftitute to our fouerane lordis aduocat, for the crymes following. DITTAY againft the Pannel. FORSAMEKILL as, it is ftatute be the Actis of Parliament and lawis of this realme, that na mancr of perfoune gif him felf fnrth for ane Notour, or vfe or exerce the office of Notarie, vnles thay be firft prefentit be his Maieftie, be his hienes Letter of Prefentatioune directit to the Lordis of the Sefiionne, and thaireftir admittit be the f’aidis Lordis to the faid office, efter tryell ; and thair Prothogoll-buik fychtit and markit be the Clark of Regifter and his deputtis ; and gif ony man prefwme to do in the contrair, to be pwneift to the death : As the faidis Actis of Parliament at mair lenth beiris. And trew it is, that the faid Williame Norvell hes vfit and exerceit the faid office of Notarie, as ane ordinar Notar, in fyndrie deidis, fik as in Contractis, Obligatiounis, Seafingis, Reqnifitionis or Redemptionis ; and generallie in all thingis, quhen he was requyrit, continewallie fen the moneth of November, the yeir of God I m .V c .lxxxv yeiris, to the day of bis apprehenfioune ; albeit it be of veritie, that he was never admittit to the faid office of Notarie ; lyke as, he never had his Maiefteis Prefentatioune direct to the faidis Lordis of Sefiloune, for his admiflioune to the faid office ; nather had he ane Prothogoll- buik, markit be the Clark of Regifter or his deputtis, conforme to the ordinance prefcryuit be the faidis Actis of Parliament : Quhairin he hes falflie circnmvenit and diflauit our fouerane lordis leigis, as ane falfe diflauear ; geveing him felff furth to be ane Notour, he being nane : Quhairbye he hes incurrit the panis contenit in the faidis Actis of Parliament. VERDICT. The Aflyis, be the mouth of Robert Smyth, merchand in Edin burgh, Chancellar, ffand the faid Williame to be ffylit, culpabill and convict of the faidis crymes. SENTENCE. To be tane to ane gibbet, ftandand vpoune the Caftel-hill of Edinburgh, and thairvpoune to be hangit quhill he be deid ; and all his mova- bill guidis to be efcheit, &c. “



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