Austrian Cooking

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A reproduction from an original copy of the book AUSTRIAN COOKING by Ann Knox first published in 1900.  Wonderful, original authentic recipes for yummy Austrian food.

Here are a few lines from the introduction:

“A typical Austrian meal, especially in the good old days but even today, would be far too much for the average English
appetite — or capacity! You would begin with soup with noodles or dumplings, and fresh rolls or bread; or hors d’oeuvres, if you hadn’t had these as a snack before the meal. Then you would have a fish course with sauce and maybe potatoes; then meat; then chicken; with salad and/or vegetables accompanying each. Then you would finish off with a sweet, and cakes, coffee and hqueurs.

There would be different wines throughout the meal. Even though the food is delcious, perhaps even more because it is, this seems too much for one meal in England today — not to mention the expense. A better way to use these recipes would be to choose a substantial soup with noodles and dumplings, then a fish, with vegetables such as stuffed tomatoes or turnips, and potato wheels, and a rcd-and-green salad, then finish with a fight sweet hke stuffed melons or Vienna Foam, and Viennese coffee.

But you cannot make the acquaintance of Austrian food without catching the spirit of it. You will find yourself improvising in a typically Austrian way. You will find yourself getting inspired ideas for out-of-the-ordinary meals. And it’s a pretty sure guess that no matter how conservative your family may be about food, they won’t take long to become enthusiasts about Austrian food. There’s something about Austrian cooking that makes food seem more fun!”


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