Bamboo Work

Dec 16, 2013 by

bambooBamboo Work ; Comprising the Construction of Furniture, Household Filaments & other articles in Bamboo by Paul Hasluck was originally published in 1901.  If you enjoy making your own furniture, you will find this old book to be an awesome advantage to your library.  This copy is a scanned reproduction of the original but I found it easy to read.  Now I just have to find my hammer and nails….

Here is a list of the book’s contents:

I. — Bamboo : Its Source and Uses
II. — How to Work Bamboo
III. — Bamboo Tables
IV. — Bamboo Chairs and Seats
V. — Bamboo Bedroom Furniture
VI. — Bamboo Hall Racks and Stands
VII. — Bamboo Music Racks
VIII. -Bamboo Cabinets and Bookcases
IX. — Bamboo Window Blinds .
X. — Miscellaneous Articles of Bamboo
XI. — Bamboo Mail-cart



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