Baseball Ballads

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baseballballadsBASEBALL BALLADS by Grantland Rice was first published in 1910 is a funny little old book filled with different odes to the game of baseball such as:

“Play Ball
When the Bug Is on the Bawl
Casey’s Revenge
The Bug’s View-Point
The Courtship of a Son of Swat
The Bush Leaguer’s Dream
Springtime in the History Room
The Hold-Out League
The Song of the Base Hit
On the Road to Rooters’ Row
“Till the Last Man Is Out”
The Bushers
The Climax of Fan Joy
Songs of Swat— “You Uster Bat .300”
The Test
The Laugh on Nero
The Fan and His Way
Over the Plate
Knocking Slang
The Real Springtime
The Raven Up-to-Date
A Day in the Bleachers
A Warning
Cut on the Lines
On Memory’s Wall
The Game
Mudville’s Fate
A Toast Worth While
The Champs of the Alley League
The Man Who Played with Anson on the Old Chicago Team
The Record
The Major Leaguer’s Daughter; Or, The Turning of the Tide
Pen Snapshot of the British Fan
On the Coaching Line
The Goods
The Winter League Wonder
A Tip to the Fan Flock
As the Game “Breaks”
The Grand Old Winter League
The Slide of Paul Revere
The Annual Return
In the Good Old Winter Time
After the Game
On Rooters’ Row
The Love Sonnets of a Son of Swat
At the End of the Game
The Mogul’s Dream
Hard-Luck Adam in Denton (Cy) Young
The Ump’s Midwinter Dream
A Real Job for Teddy
The Shock
When “Wifey” Reads Dope
A Hard-Luck Yarn
A Fan’s Diary
Game Called



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