Bashfulness Cured: Ease and Elegance of Manner Quickly Gained

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Bashfulness Cured: Ease and Elegance of Manner Quickly Gained by Seth Conly was originally published in 1872 and is such an enjoyable little book, whether you are bashful or not.

Here are a few chapter titles to give you an idea of the contents:

Bashfulness — Diffidence — Definition.
Natural Diffidence
Causes and Cure of Natural Diffidence
Bashfulness from lack of Education. — How to Over- come it
Bashfulness from Ignorance of the Ways of Society. – The Cure
Bashfulness from Ill-Dress. — The Cure
Bashfulness Caused by Ill-Health. — To Remove
How to acquire Elegance and Fluency of Expression — Ease and Polish of Manner — a Graceful, Pleasing and Dignified Bearing — a Handsome Well-developed Chest — a Deep, Rich Voice.
How to Dress Cheaply and Elegantly — How to be Attractive by certain attentions to Personal Habits. To the Debilitated : what to use to become Strong (new). How to Please greatly by delicate Flattery of Eye and Manner.
A Secret of being Popular with the Ladies. How to easily Train, Brighten, and Sharpen the Intellect

SA true must-have for every bookshelf!



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