California Almanac 1869

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Amazing find! this is a reproduction made from an original copy of the California Almanac of 1869.  It’s like climbing into a time travel machine when you open these pages. There are of course the things expected in an almanac about the moon cycles, planting calendar etc, but it is the advertisements in the almanac that make it fun.

Here are a few paragraphs to send you back in time to 1869:

I am aware that by dwelling upon so uninviting a subject as the decay of manly vigor through the loss of the vital principle of life, the ignorant may asperse my motive ; but the desire to point out to those who suffer, languish and decay, the true cause of their affliction is too great an incentive to lie forced into abeyance. How extended the terrible disease of Seminal Weakness is, no one but a practical specialist, who devotes his time to its treatment, can tell; but its presence can he detected by the most inexperienced by noting the following symptoms: Weakness of the back and limbs; languishing feelings; loss of muscular power; nervousness; irritability; cold feet and hands, accompanied by hot head; symptoms of consumption; short breath; flushing of the face; aversion to society; confusion of the mind; loss of memory; nightly emissions; colorless, slight discharges Upon the least excitement; trembling; palpitation of the heart, irregular appetite; variable temper, etc., etc.

YOUNG MAN, if you experience any of the various symptoms enumerated above, pause to consider. The present is the golden moment in which you may secure health and happiness. You may feel strong now, but if you have ever PRACTICED THE VICE OF SELF-ABUSE, EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST DEGREE, you have the seeds OF the weakness in your system, and their undermining influence will, sooner or later, dash the fair edifice of your strength to the ground, leaving you a helpless, abject being. It is not a disease that declares itself at once. Therein lies its great danger; for, while the patient is being treated for some supposed affection of the Heart, Lungs, Brain or Digestive Functions, he sinks into a general debility that soon adds him to the list of victims of the terrible disorder, Seminal Weakness.

SEE, IN THE BENT FORM and languishing steps, the poor victim of that fascinating vice ! Mark the course of the destructive complaint in the hollow cheek and dull eye! Drowsiness is one of the premonitory symptoms. At first it is easily shaken off, but it grows eventually into a great disinclination to pursue his regular business. The mind becomes apprehensive, and restless nights succeed days of depression. IT IS THE NATURE OF THE COMPLAINT to assume sudden changes that leave the poor victim but little hope of recovery. In a single instant it may wither all your fond hopes and blast your honest aspirations. MARRIAGE is sought by a natural impulse as a hope of relief. This is an error of the first magnitude, for the system, unprepared for the exigencies of the
occasion, suddenly fails, and he finds himself in a deplorable condition, from which there is but the slightest hope of recovery. Or if the marriage should result in offspring, they are puny, distorted, decrepit! and degenerate.

TO THE AFFLICTED there is hope and certainty of relief and cure. THE DR. J. C. YOUNG INSTITUTE, during the nineteenth year of its operation, has met with unvarying success. Thousands are annually cured, without hindrance from business or change of diet. The directions are readily followed. Even a man’s most intimate companion cannot suspect he is being treated.  Persons afflicted, living in the interior, can, by stating fully in a letter their symptoms, receive advice and the remedies at home. Consultation by Letter or otherwise, FREE. CURE ALWAYS GUARANTEED. Address: BENJ. -F. JOSSELYN, M. D., | Box 735, P. O.] 5-40 Washington St., San Francisco”


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