Cameron Hall: A Story of the Civil War

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CAMERON HALL: A STORY OF THE CIVIL WAR was originally published in 1861.  A popular book for those interested in the American Civil War. Here is a small excerpt from the introduction:
The following story was completed several months before the termination of the war, the result of which, so different from our anticipations, seemed at first to necessitate a change, or at least a modification of many of the opinions and hopes confidently expressed by some of the characters. Upon reflection, however, it was decided to leave it as it is ; a truthful picture as it is believed to be, not only of scenes and events which occurred immediately around the author’s home, but also of the inner thoughts and feelings, the hopes and expectations, in a word, the animus of the Southern heart. In the delineation of scenes, all exaggeration has been avoided, and a middle ground has been taken. One section of the country will most probably pronounce them overdrawn; the other, alas! will know and feel that ” the half has not been told.” I send my book out, neither challenging nor fearing criticism. It pretends to have no great literary merit ; but it does ‘claim to belong rather to truth than to fiction, and this claim will be acknowledged by thousands of hearts in this, our land.”

and from later in the book: “But there was more than mere calmness, mere tranquility at Cameron Hall ; there was peace, sweet peace in some of the hearts there. There is a peace which, while it cannot make us indifferent to sorrow and anxiety, can nevertheless enable us to rise above them ; a peace, which strikes so deep into the soul, that storm and tempest cannot uproot it ; a peace, like the golden sunlight behind the cloud, which, while it cannot altogether pierce its darkness, may at least gild its edges. Such a peace can only result from the uprightness of an honest Christian heart which tries “to think and do always such things as are right,” and, conscious of its own integrity of purpose, can, like the obedient and loving child, trustingly commit its all to the protection and guidance of that Father who “doeth all things well.”



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