Christ as a Physician

Oct 26, 2013 by

christChrist as a Physician by James C. Jackson M.D. is a fascinating book originally published in 1882.

A few lines from the book:

Now the forms of ailment which a human body can take on, and which, where any one or more of them exists, can and do make it a poor instrument for the manifestation of the graces of the Holy Spirit, are many. Numerous as they are, so numerous may be the spiritual hindrances. This is not a pretty picture to present, but better in this instance to paint a daub and have it true, than to cover the canvas of human life with the tints of Raphael and have it all untrue; kind the truth is, our infirmities, however existing, are obstacles to the growth of the Divine life in the soul, and when they are of our creation and continuance they not infrequently rear themselves before us as almost insuperable obstructions. The dear Christ help the man or woman who has to cry out in the agonies of his spirit, ” Who shall deliver me from this body of death.”



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