Christmas Pictures

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BookCoverImageChristmas Pictures by Edmund Dulac originally published in 1922 is a great book to flip through if you would like to get in the holiday spirit.  It has been out of print for quite a while but has now been republished. This is an exact reproduction from the original book. I loved looking at these old time drawings artwork for Christmas. Very unique and captivating drawings made by children aged 6 to 16.

Here are a few words from Mr. Dulac’s introduction:

“We have all been brought up with the superstition, that efficiency in drawing and painting is the privilege of a few adults, that it can only be achieved after a long and arduous struggle, and by means only revealed to an intellectual oligarchy. From time to time, however, the performance of some extraordinary child seems to throw a doubt on this belief and starts us wondering whether in face of such achievements, the result of a few tender years’ work, the long efforts of maturity are not so much waste of misplaced energy.

But quite recently in a comprehensive exhibition organised in London by Mr. Hawker, we were shown not a few isolated examples, but an impressive number of works by children between the ages of 6 and 16 done in the schools directed by Professor Cizek of Vienna. These displayed not only the most vivid imagination, and uncanny power of observation, but an unusual freshness of vision, and remarkable ability.”


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