Civil War Household Tips

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civlwar hosueholdEvery once in a while, in everyone’s life, there comes a time for a strange remedy. You know what I mean – an out-of-the-box answer to a question you find yourself pondering for days. Modern medicine just doesn’t seem to be fixing it – so what do you do?

This, my friends, just might be the book to answer all your questions. Imagine…it’s the mid 19th century, 1860’s to be precise. Please keep in mind penicillin was not discovered by Alexander Fleming until 1928.  We take it all for granted now don’t we? we take for granted…small infections that disappear as soon as the doctor prescribes antibiotic cream, or perhaps you have some… shall we say “un-named” infection that is causing a blip in your regular day. You simply run to the doctor or out patient clinic to pick up some antibiotic….right?

But imagine, if you will, a time BEFORE antibiotics.  What did people do for an infection before antibiotics were discovered and marketed? What did people do to get rid of devious infections, bronchial coughs, and dare we say…lice? what did they do before they could pick up something at their corner drugstore to calm their stomachs? to dye their hair?

We live in a world far removed from our most recent ancestors, but think about it – in only a few generations we have jumped miles, albeit echelons above what our human ancestors had to deal with for thousands of years (infections etc).

We think we are so above it all don’t we? We simply visit the doctor for a prescription. We simply run to WalMart for..whatever. But if you let yourself imagine a world without prescriptions (especially antibiotics), super shopping malls and Amazon drone deliveries – you will likely find yourself smack up against what any of us would have to deal with if our fragile world ever got a pimple.

CIVIL WAR HOUSEHOLD TIPS does not begin to cover everything, but if you are interested in how people made do.. just a bit over a hundred years ago (which is very very small in terms of our human evolution..) take a glimpse at this book, you will like what gems you find!


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civil war household tips

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