Clairaudience, the Philosophy of its Expression

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Clairaudience, the Philosophy of its Expression by J.C.F. Grumbine was originally published in 1911. The actual complete title is: CLAIRAUDIENCE The Philosophy of its Expression The Science of its Practice How to Commune with the So-called Dead .

Here are a few paragraphs from the Foreword to give you a feel for this fascinating little book:

“To those who know nothing of, or who doubt everything, about the spirit world, this series of teachings will have no meaning; but to the students of psychical phenomena and supernormal development this practical treatise will be timely and providential. No work of inspiration is sent to earth without a purpose. The needs, the aspirations, the sufferings of humanity evoke the ministrations of spirits and depth and height meet, as it were, by a law of cause and effect, science has not as yet explained.

The new or supernormal psychology is rapidly winning favor, and is supplanting the old and abnormal. External means of communication between men are pointing to interior means of communication between spirits and mankind, and what telepathy previses as possible between men on the material plane, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience prove is practical between incarnate and excarnate spirits. Spirit is at the base of all communication and communion, whether outward or material, or mental or spiritual. Acts of the supernormal powers of the incarnate spirits are no more wonderful or remarkable than the clairvoyant visions and clairaudient messages afforded us by excarnate spirits, whom the world calls “dead”. Wireless wires reach from our sight and hearing to unseen, silent operators on the excarnate (spirit) side of life. The joy of discovering this is only exceeded by the knowledge of the actual daily communion and communication with the unseen immortals!

Think of it! Where are they? Do they suffer, or are they happy? Do they live and love us still? Go into the silence! Tick off a message to the spirit operators by telepathy; or vision the clairvoyant sight on to the supernormal plane where your deceased loved ones live; or take up the spirit telephone, called clairaudience, and listen. Listen deeply, reverently. A message thrills by sympathy or love over the unseen wires, called psychic filaments; a vision of your dear ones dawns on your mind as out of the mystery of the inner mental darkness; or the angel voice of a dear companion, gone as you thought forever, whispers close to your mind, and seems to be heard, often accompanied with a cold breath pressing against your face, or wells up in the midst of your vocal organs and the throat. And this is the greatest discovery and mystery of life, far more valuable because of the superlatively beneficient service in the human and divine sense, to every human being. All can and therefore should feel, see, and hear super- normally, all can and therefore should receive and send messages from the earth to the spirit world. ”


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