Cornmeal for Breakfast, Supper, Dinner

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For eons cornmeal has been, and continues to be, a staple food for humans.  Bessie Murphy wrote the definitive book on Cornmeal in 1920 called Cornmeal for Breakfast, Supper, Dinner. I especially love her dedication at the beginning of the book: “Dedicated to SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE To be used by EVERYBODY EVERYWHERE.”    I’m very enamored with this sweet little cookbook. If you are a lover of corn or cornmeal, or at least find it a little… palatable and digestable, Bessie has written a recipe book for you.  When pennies are tight, cornmeal is a lifesaver and stomach filler.

Here are a few cornmeal recipes to get you started!:

Corn Dodgers
1 pint sifted meal in 1 pint sour buttermilk 1 tablespoon lard 1/2 teaspoon soda (put 1 egg in milk)
Salt Mix ingredients well. Shape into cones with hands, put on greased pan, and bake.
Kentucky Corn Dodgers
1 pint sifted meal in 1 tablespoon lard & 2 pint cold water Salt
Mix ingredients well. Shape into cones and bake as dodgers as in recipe above.
Rice Corn Bread
2 cups cornmeal 2 tablespoons butter 2 cups milk in 1 teaspoon salt 3 eggs 2 teaspoons baking 1 cup left-over boiled rice powder. To the well-beaten eggs add the milk, meal, melted butter, rice, salt, and baking powder. Beat well and bake in well- greased shallow pan in hot oven. Serve hot.
Eggless Corn Bread
1 cup cornmeal in 1 tablespoon baking flour powder 2 tablespoons lard 2 teaspoons salt I cup milk Mix the sifted com meal, flour, salt, and baking powder. Add the melted lard and the milk. Beat well, pour batter into well-greased pan, and bake.
Elizabeth Ann Corn Meal Mush
3 cups boiling water 2 cup cornmeal I teaspoon salt 1 cup sweet milk Moisten corn meal with 1 cup cold water, and stir slowly into the boiling salt water. Cook very slowly 30 minutes. Add 1 cup sweet milk and boil 10 minutes longer. Serve hot with cream, milk, or fruit.
Fried Corn-Meal Mush
Make mush as directed above or use left-over mush. Turn it into wet bread pans and allow it to cool. When it is cold, cut it into slices and brown in hot butter or lard.
Delicate Spoon Bread
1 cup cornmeal 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon butter 2 eggs I tablespoon sugar 2 cups milk Mix the corn meal and milk and bring slowly to the boiling point. Cook about 5 minutes. Add the butter, sugar, salt, and well-beaten yolks of the eggs. Then fold in the stiffly beaten whites of the eggs, and bake in a hot oven 30 minutes. Serve in the baking dish.
Corn Bread Recipe I
2 cups cornmeal 2 tablespoons fat 2 cups sweet milk 1 egg 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon sugar (may be omitted) Mix the dry ingredients. Add the milk, well-beater. egg, and melted fat. Beat well. Bake in a shallow pan 30 minutes. Enjoy!



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