Deep Sea Surroundings and Explorations of the Bottom

Dec 3, 2012 by

Deep Sea Surroundings and Explorations of the Bottom or┬áThe ultimate analysis of human knowledge by A.B. Johnson was originally published in 1861. It gives a fascinating peek into what was known about the sea during the 1860’s.

A few paragraphs from the beginning of the book:

“THE TRIPLICITY OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE. Possessing three organisms, and deriving through them all he knows, man’s knowledge is tri-form. This might have remained undiscovered, if Providence had not manifested, that specific organic defects, as blindness, deafness, and idiocy, occasion specific deficiencies of knowledge. All that a man sees, tastes, smells, hears, and feels, corporally, constitutes his physical knowledge ; all he feels emotionally constitutes his emotional knowledge ; and all he knows otherwise is intellectual. If he take the wings of the morning, and fly (in thought) to the uttermost bounds of the sea, he is still within the magic barriers of the intellect, the emotions, and the senses ; if he ascend (in thought) to heaven, or descend (in thought) to hell, the same barriers are around him. He may enlarge the quantity of his knowledge by employing his senses in new directions, his intellect in new speculations, and his emotions in new experiences ; but he can gain no new kind of knowledge, nor transmute what is intellectual into physical, or what is physical into intellectual, or what is emotional into any thing but emotions”


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