Diary of a JetroSexual

Aug 31, 2013 by

jetDiary of a JetroSexual is like no book we’ve ever come across. It is written in first person, diary form, by someone who appears to be very wealthy, very beautiful and very full of themselves. Each day for one month we get a glimpse into their life of ease. Reading this diary was like eating a box of chocolates. We still can’t figure it out if it is good for us, but we enjoyed the feast (even if vicariously!).

“jet-ro-sex-u-al (n.)
an urban ├╝ber wealthy human given to traveling around the globe via jet occupying his/her time by having sex anywhere, anytime with anyone who gives he/she “eye-sparklies.”

eye-spark-lies (n.)
small particles of sexual desire thrown out by the body through the eyes toward person or persons whose attractiveness elicits said response.

jet-ro-sex (v.)
to travel by jet around the globe and have sex anywhere, anytime with anyone who gives he/she “eye-sparklies.”

Hundred millionaire. Omnisexual. Narcissistic. Self loving. Self obsessed. Giver. Shapeshifter.
A unique, somewhat bizarre and self-centered glimpse into someone’s very narcissistic wealthy world. Each day for one month, the author jots down thoughts and brief recap of the day.
The diary was found on a back booth bench in a well known coffee shop in Los Angeles, It was neatly printed out with the following note cleanly attached:
“For the person who finds this – it is yours to read. Dive in. I have written it for you, a total stranger to me. It is yours to read and own and share.
Do not try to find me as I do not wish to be found by you. All my best, P.”

We are reprinting it for the enjoyment of more readers. It is unlike anything we have ever read before..





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