Easy Entertaining (1911)

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easyentertainingEasy Entertaining by Caroline French Benton is a wonderful old book originally published in 1911.  It gives you an incredible peek into what life and entertaining was like back in the early 1900’s.  Here is an example of some of what is covered in this book:

Setting the Table
Spring Luncheons
A Spring Luncheon Costing Three Dollars
Easter Time
Easter Menus
Easter Luncheons and Breakfasts
Entertaining on May Day
Luncheons for May Days
Spring Menus for Four Weeks
Mid-summer Luncheon
The Cold Dinner
Little Dinners for Three Dollars
A Bride’s Dinner
Veranda Luncheons
Picnic Limcheons
Picnic Luncheons
Summer Menus for Four Weeks
Two September Functions
An Autumn Dinner and Luncheon
A Country Dinner and Supper for October
Hallowe’en Suppers
The Thanksgiving Dinner
The Thanksgiving Dinner



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