Elementary Lessons in Gaelic with a Vocabulary and Key

May 21, 2015 by

elementary gaelic Elementary Lessons in Gaelic with a Vocabulary and a Key by Lachlan MacBean was originally published in 1889 and is an absolutely rare and priceless gem of a book if you are interested in the beautiful Gaelic language.

Here’s a few wee examples of text from the book:

“When two Vowels meet so that both cannot readily be  pronounced, the least important is omitted,and an
apostrophe marks its place, as — Do’n (for do an) duine, to the man.
A fundamental rule of Gaelic orthography is that Consonants be preceded and followed by Vowels
of the same quality. Consonants preceded by a broad Vowel [a, or //) must not be followed by a small Vowel
{e and /) or Tue Tersa.

All Gaelic words are accented on the first syllable.
The student should pronounce the following : —

Càs, cas, gne, tè, ged, dlth, mise, or, cò. olc, biith, gur,
aom, call, toll, thusa, seal, gear riut, uam, cnaip, mair, fuil,
siiiil, fein, lion, piob, feàrr, triùir.”




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