Four Boys in the Yosemite

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An interesting glimpse into Yosemite…. FOUR BOYS IN THE YOSEMITE was first published in 1911.

Here’s a wee glimpse into the preface: “At a time when Americans are traveling abroad as they never have before, it is not inopportune to call attention to some of the wonders and glories of America. The towering ranges of mountains, the majestic waterfalls, the broad plains, and prosperous cities of our own land are well worthy of the visits of all who are in love with travel. Best of all, they are our own. ‘See America first’ is an appeal not merely to a sentiment of patriotism, but also is based upon many things that are true especially true in the realm of natural scenery. A man who has recently returned from a trip around the world said that, in all his journeyings, he found nothing to compare with the sublimity, impressiveness, and beauty of the Yosemite Valley. Many do not realize the advantages which the nation has provided in setting apart great ‘ ‘parks, ”such as the Yosemite and the Yellowstone, for the benefit of the people. They are ours, and foreign travelers seldom fail to visit them when they come to our land. Americans ought not to do less. The true appreciation of our country cannot be had merely by listening to the descriptive words of others. This book, as the reader at once will see, is not a book of travels, but is rather the story of the travels of four boys. It requires slight knowledge of live American boys to understand that, when they visit such a place as the Yosemite Valley, they will discover many things not described in the guidebooks, and will have many experiences unlike those of their elders. Many of the incidents incorporated in this tale actually occurred. The foremost purpose of the writer has been not only to interest his young readers in the doings of four boys, but also to inspire within them a desire and a purpose to see with their own eyes some of the marvelous possessions of America. Intelligent patriotism must be based upon knowledge, and ” seeing is believing.”



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