Full Instructions in the Art of Crepe Paper Basket Weaving

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crepeFull Instructions in the Art of Crepe Paper Basket Weaving was originally published in 1922.  Everything you need to know to weave baskets out of crepe paper…

a few lines from the beginning of the book:

You are about to learn the very interesting Art of Basket Weaving using Crepe Paper Rope. After you have finished the lessons in this booklet, you will be able to make a variety of baskets of different shapes and designs, and of most attractive colors. Crepe Paper Rope is made in many beautiful colors, which is one of the reasons why it is so popular for Basket Weaving.

You will not only be able to make baskets and trays for your own use and as presents for your friends and relatives but
Basket Weaving also offers you a splendid money making opportunity. As you are well aware, the demand for attractively woven baskets is becoming greater each day. This is your opportunity, and we want you to take the fullest advantage of it.

For instance, the particular basket we teach you to make in these instructions can easily be sold at a retail price of $2.50. You can prove this to your own satisfaction by asking the price of similar baskets offered for sale in stores in any part of the United States. The actual cost to you of the materials for making this particular basket amounts to less than 50 cents. This means a very good profit for you. This margin of profit is sufficiently large to enable you to employ agents to get orders for you. You can pay the agent a commission of 50c or even 75c on each order secured, and this will still leave you a handsome profit.

Our suggestion is that you take orders yourself for the various baskets and trays you make, and also that you employ agents to secure orders for you. Then, as your business grows, you can employ others to assist you in making baskets to fill the orders your agents secure for you. From time to time we will send you instructions and suggestions for building up your business, and will always be glad to give you the fullest co-operation. These instructions cover fully and in detail the making of a medium size basket of simple but artistic shape as shown in Illustration No. 100.

The lessons show you in minute detail every step in the making of this basket. Simply follow the instructions carefully and you will have complete success. Illustration No. 100 After you have completed this one basket you will find it very easy to make others of different shapes and designs, as suggested by us from time to time. You will also be able to originate many attractive designs and shapes.”


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