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FURNITURE by the Burt Brothers is a reproduction of their original 23rd Annual Catalog of furniture originally published in 1902. What a beautiful blast into the past, and a must have for turn of the century furniture lovers!  Here are a few sentences from the catalog introduction:

“We take pleasure in presenting you with our Twenty-third Annual Catalogue. Many manufacturers have fallen into a rut and many have fallen by the wayside in the race for mercantile success, by thinking that their goods were good enough. Our motto has ever been, ” Our goods — our finish must be better each succeeding season.” After you have carefully examined this catalogue and price-list, and you have noted the superior styles, we feel confident that you will fully appreciate the fact that we are keeping abreast of the times. When you have sampled our new line, with its superior finish, you will more thoroughly realize that we have fulfilled our motto in the highest sense of the word. By strict adherence to its principles our trade has steadily expanded, until it is no longer bounded by the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, but it extends into many of the foreign countries. We wish to assure you that we fully appreciate all favors bestowed upon us in the past, and beg to assure you that we shall ever strive to continue to merit the patronage of all who have favored us in the past, and all whose names may hereafter be enrolled among our customers. We make a special feature of special patterns, at special prices, in carload lots Sincerely, Burt Bros.



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