Games for Halloween

Sep 11, 2013 by

gamesThis odd little book GAMES FOR HALLOWEEN by Mary Blain was originally published in 1912 and has some very unique games inside for a halloween party!

Such as:

Flour Test:
A bowl is filled tightly with flour. During the process of filling, a wedding ring is inserted vertically in some part of it. The bowl, when full, is inverted upon a dish and withdrawn, leaving the mound of flour on the dish. Each guest cuts off with a knife a thin slice which crumbles into dust. The guest who cuts off the slice containing the ring will be married first.

Combing Hair Before Mirror:
Stand alone before mirror, and by light of candle comb your hair; face of your future partner will appear in glass, peering over your shoulder.

Jumping Lighted Candle:
Place a lighted candle in middle of floor, not too securely placed; each one jumps over it. Whoever succeeds in clearing candle is guaranteed a happy year, free of trouble or anxiety. He who knocks candle over will have a twelve-month of woe.


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