Gasoline Automobiles 1921

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Vrroom vroom!  I have such a special place in my heart for old 1920’s automobiles.   The first car I learned to drive was an old three gear Ford from that era.  It sputtered and popped and taught me how to smoothly coax it from one gear to the next while holding on to the huge ball at the end of the gear shift.  So imagine my joy when I came across GASOLINE AUTOMOBILES from 1921.  I love this blurb from the intro: “The purpose of this book is to present clearly, briefly, and interestingly the essential principles of automobile construction and operation. It is expected to furnish practical help to drivers who, when faced by ordinary operating troubles, want to know how to locate the cause and apply the remedy.”  When I started reading GASOLINE AUTOMOBILES my first reaction was “really? do they really need to explain what the muffler is for? what the tires are for? “The muffler is in nearly all automobiles a drum or cylinder into which the exhaust pipe carries the exhaust gases. It is used to stifle the noise of rapid explosions, which would otherwise be deafening. The purpose of the tires is to absorb road shocks and make riding easy, as well as to keep the automobile from jolting to pieces.”  Then of course I remember I’m reading a book from 1921 and cars had only been around for a few decades!  silly me.  If you want a fun little read about automobiles in 1921 grab Gasoline Automobiles 1921 and Keep Reading!



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