Hafez: Art of Foretelling Future Events by dreams, moles, cards etc: The New Dream Book

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In a thousand years you could never hope to find such a unique divination book. If you are intrigued by old fortune telling books I have a cool item for you.  HAFEZ: ART OF FORETELLING FUTURE EVENTS BY DREAMS, MOLES, CARDS, ETC. was originally published in 1817, a translation from the original arabic transcript . The long title is “The new and complete Fortune Teller: Being a Treatise on the Art of Foretelling Future Events by Dreams, Moles, Cards, etc etc etc carefully done from the Arabic Manuscripts of Ibraham Ali Mahomed Hafez.”   The first section is on how to interpret your dreams, and he lists the definition of each thing you may dream about.  What I like about this book is it has some unique dream words. For example, if you dream about AIR he goes into detail: “To dream of the atmosphere, has a variety of interpretations, and depends entirely on the different appearances it has. If you dream the sky is clear, of a fine blue, calm and serene, then it is a good omen ; you will be successful in your enterprises; if you are soliciting any place or preferment, you will surely obtain it — -if you are in love, you will surely marry the object of your affections— have you a lawsuit ? you will gain it — are you in trade ? it will flourish and be profitable — are you a farmer? good crops will attend you, your cattle will increase, your pigs and poultry will be abundant, your commodities will fetch a good price at market; are you married? you will have many children, and they will be dutiful and do well. Are you about to undertake a journey ? it will answer your utmost expectations ; are you going to sea ? you will have a pleasant and prosperous voyage; are you in debt? you will speedily be enabled to extricate yourself from it ; are you imprisoned? you will shortly be set at liberty; are you going into business ? you will succeed, and have many friends; are you in poverty ? riches will quickly drive away its remembrance ; have you a quarrel ? it will soon be made up to your advantage; in short, whatever point you aim at, it will be crowned with success. To dream it is streaked with white, denotes that many severe difficulties will befall you, over which you will eventually triumph ; you will perhaps go to jail, but you will come out again shortly with honor and credit to yourself; it forebodes that many enemies will attack you both openly and secretly, that they will appear to have the advantage over you for a time, but in the end they will be routed and overcome by you ; your children will get into troubles, out of which you will extricate them ; if you are in love, many crosses will happen to you, and for a time you will appear to lose the affections of your sweetheart, but in the end you will marry and be happy, and have fine children; if you have a lawsuit, you will have much trouble and vexation, but you will gain it after all ; if you are in business, many difficulties will occur, which friends will remove, and you will at last be prosperous ; if you go to sea, you w ill be cast away, but get safe ashore, and be favorably received by the inhabitants of the country; if you borrow money, you will be much slandered and abused by the person who lends it to you; if you lend money, you will have great trouble in recovering it ; it portends, that you will have a light illness, but your health, will be much better afterwards; To dream that it is full of thick, dark, and heavy clouds, is an unfavorable token; you will fall sick and perhaps die; disappointments will attend your business ; if you are in love, you will not marry the person you intended ; if you have a lawsuit you will lose it; if you go to sea you will have bad weather, meet with storms and shipwreck, and lose all your, property ; you will lose some friend, or near relation by death; many friends will desert you ; you will grow melancholy, and every thing will cross your expectations; therefore, after such a dream you should change your situation, be what it may. To dream that the sky is streaked with red, and looks fiery, denotes, that in love you will be successful ; in business not so; it also forewarns you that some friend or relation will be killed in battle, and that sickness will attend your family; if you have a son he will get into many difficulties, and narrowly escape losing his life; a journey by land will injure your health and pocket, but a voyage by sea will be prosperous, and conductive to your health — if you are in prison, you will remain there sometime — if you owe any money, I advise you to pay it immediately, otherwise it will bring you into trouble — whatever you lend you will loose; but if you have any hopes of getting a place, you will, after some trouble, succeed, and it will turn out lucrative — it also denotes that the next woman you meet, not of your own family, will be your enemy and endeavor to cause you an injury ; this you may prevent by being very civil and obliging to her, which will allay her resentments against you — if you are a farmer you will have but indifferent crops, and will lose some of your horses by sickness or accident — if your father and you are at variance, depend it will be speedily made up, and that he will befriend you; but be very cautious of quarreling, for you will have the worst of it — you will get some small matter by legacy, but it will not do you much good. ”  But of course one of the most interesting parts of this book is the section where Hafez helps you foretell your future with the placement of  moles on your body: “On either lip — Shows a delicate appetite, a sober disposition, and much given to the pleasures of love, of an industrious and benevolent turn — it denotes that the person will be successful in undertakings, particularly in love affairs — that you will rise above your present condition, and be greatly respected and esteemed, that you will endeavor to obtain some situation, in which you will at first prove unsuccessful, but afterwards prevail. “HAFEZ: ART OF FORETELLING FUTURE EVENTS BY DREAMS, MOLES, CARDS, ETC. is a unique old fortune telling book which will keep you and your friends entertained for hours.  Make sure you have a copy handy next time you have a party!  Until then, keep reading!



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