The Spirit of the South Towards Northern Freemen and Soldiers: Defending the American Flag Against Traitors of the Deepest Dye

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A fascinating and intense  find for my friends who are Civil War buffs.  The Spirit of the South Towards Northern Freemen and Soldiers: Defending the American Flag Against Traitors of the Deepest Dye by William Garrison was originally published in 1861!!! This is a true gem if you are interested in the Civil War. Agree or disagree, as with all old books, we find what is of interest to us and let the rest go. Be prepared to read some startling and sad statements… That being said…this book will definitely give you an authentic feel for the Civil War period…

Here are a few lines to give you an idea of this book:
“TOWARDS THE SOLDIERS OF THE NORTH, ” The proceedings of the brutal mobs in Philadelphia, New York, are, of course, what might be expected of those sewers into which the whole world has poured its superfluous filth and scum. The action of these church-burning, flour-plundering, swinish groundlings, has no terrors for any but their Northern masters, the cowardly conservatives, or conservative cowards, who succumbed at the first onset of their white slaves. It is not only easy, but delightful, for bestial and craven natures to be ferocious and blood-thirsty where there is no danger, and Philadelphia, New York, etc., being supposed to be perfectly secure from bombardment, of course the dogs, wolves, hyenas, etc., had it all their own way.
But upon the barbarians who compose the lower orders of the Northern cities, and who are much inferior in humanity and refinement to African negroes, it is a waste of ammunition to exhaust a single invective. The grossness and besti- alities of these ‘ lewd fellows of the baser sort ‘ are all upon the surface, and, therefore, bad as they are, they are not as contemptible as their masters. With some exceptions, the wealthy classes of the Northern cities are reptiles who have emerged from the same Stygian mud in which the more demonstrative and unclean mob are now wallowing, and in no wise differ from them except in their wealth, which has no power to confer elevated sentiments or purity of character. ” Consequently, as their own newspapers testify, the classes of those cities called conservative, which is but another name for men of money, are the most depraved and ignorant of any society in the world which pretends to social elevation and influence. It is believed that Paris, in its worst days, never equalled the corruptions of society among the fashionable classes in the Northern cities. ” For true conservatism, we have the most profound respect ; and Heaven forbid that, in forming a new government, the South should have root or branch of the accursed levelling and agrarian spirit which has brought this country to its present ruin. But for the whited political and moral sepulchres of the North, called conservatives, simply because they have money in their purses, and seek to conserve it at the cost of a nation’s peace and happiness, we have no sentiments but those of profound loathing and abhorrence.” — Richmond {Va.) Dispatch.”





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