Healing Yourself

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Healing Yourself by Christian D. Larson was originally published in 1918. Chapters in this book include: Full Supply of Vital Energy; The Super-Physical Breath; Psychological Equilibrium; Nourishing the Body; Nourishing the Mind; The Will to Be Well;Interior Relaxation; Imagine Yourself Well; The Real Living of Life; The Right Use of Body, Mind, Soul; The Finer Curative Forces; Living in the Absolute.

Christian Larson was at the forefront of new age healing at the turn of the century and to this day you will find many new thought new age authors highly indebted to his original concepts. People continue to borrow his words and re-introduce the concepts as if they were the first person to write about it, but Christian Larson was!

Here are a few of this thoughts on mental relaxation (ie – meditation):

“Special Exercise. — Take thirty minutes everyday, preferably early in the evening, or during the latter part of the afternoon, for the purpose of entering completely into a perfect state of interior relaxation. Begin by turning attention upon the within. Know that the within is always peaceful and still ; and know that your own mind and personality will also become peaceful and still the moment you come in conscious touch with the within. Then “let go.” Try to feel that all the forces within you are moving towards the serenity and calm of the subconscious side. Breathe peacefully and gently at the time, and as you “let go” of the contents of your lungs with each exhalation, also “let go” of your own feelings — letting them “sink in” to the stillness of the within.

Continue by thinking quietly of your external personality as being perfectly passive; and picture in your mind, as clearly as possible, the forces of your system, moving inwardly, gently, serenely, towards the subconscious side. Repeat these various processes, in the deep, quiet faith that perfect and interior relaxation is being realized. Gradually, you will find your conscious feeling in a state where you can actually feel that your interior life is fully relaxed ; and this is the real purpose you have in view.

Further Exercise. — Your object should be to become so familiar with the state of interior relaxation, that you can actually see a mental picture of this state whenever you so desire. For the fact is, that whatever you can picture in your mind, that you can realize at any time. In other words, when you can “mentally see” a perfect state of interior relaxation, all you need do is to turn your attention upon that mental picture whenever you wish to enter the relaxed state. The elements and forces within you always proceed at once to do whatever you can perfectly picture in your mind as doing. It is highly important, therefore, to learn to “mentally see” the relaxed state as you know it to be. Special Information.

When you are not in good health, it is most important that you relax more frequently, not less than three or four times every day. And as you relax, concentrate subjectively upon that part of the body that may lack in health and vigor. When you concentrate subjectively upon any part of the body, you think of the finer life that permeates the physical side ; and therefore, if you relax at the same time, you will cause the processes of repair, renewal and recuperation to work more perfectly and more quickly in that part of the body, thereby hastening recovery to a marked degree. In fact, when subjective concentration and interior relaxation are combined upon that part of the body that is ailing, it is possible to secure complete recovery in one-half, or even in one-fourth, the time usually required by nature herself under similar circumstances. We can truthfully say, therefore, that these two great factors — subjective concentration and interior relaxation — when perfectly combined, constitute one of the greatest curative agents known to modern science. And they who will learn to apply these two factors perfectly, in combination, will acquire a secret, the value of which will be nothing less than extraordinary.”


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