Hieroglyphical Fortune-Teller (Innocent Amusement)

Nov 25, 2012 by

Hieroglyphical Fortune-Teller  by Napoleon Buonaparte, or as it is written in the book: Innocent Amusement  the Hieroglyphical Fortune-Teller by An Ingenious Frenchman.  This is a reproduction from an original copy of this famous and rare old book originally published in 1832.  If you are a collector of old fortune telling books, this is a definite must for your collection!

From the preface:

“Mr. Editor: — Five or six years ago, there was published in this city, a little work of considerable ingenuity, said to have been written by Napoleon Buonaparte, entitled ” Innocent Amusement; or, The Hieroglyphical Fortune Teller.” The authorship of the book, its curiosity, and its merits are such as to make it interesting, and I would under peculiar obligation to any of your readers who could inform me where a copy might be procured. Your Obedient Servant, R. J. M. ”


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