How Life Really Works: The Answer To Finding Your Purpose & Personal Fulfillment

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HLRW By Kimberly Ann Brown Hi ResI just discovered How Life Really Works and read it in one sitting and am now going back through it doing the exercises and realizing what a gold mine it is!  Anyone who reads my blog knows I love self help books, and this is one of the best I’ve read in a very long time. Kimberly Ann Brown was not born into a life with a silver spoon, and in fact had to overcome many personal hurdles. She is extremely authentic about her own struggles and I appreciated reading her real life road to personal happiness and fulfillment.

This book is a template for re-writing your own destiny.

Why is your life the way that it is?
What reasons do people use to explain their reality?
The One and Only reason WHY your life is the way it is
By Understanding what you believe you can alter your reality
Do you know how your beliefs create a magnetization effect?
Where do you think all your beliefs/films came from?
How have the beliefs you’ve hold evolved thus far?
Can you consciously uncover & change disempowering beliefs?
How to create new films toolbox

If you read one book this year, this should probably be it!!





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