How to Attract and Protect Wild Birds

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wildbirdsHow to Attract and Protect Wild Birds by Martin Hiesemann was originally published in 1911. A must have for bird lovers everywhere!

A few sentences from the preface of the book:

“Most people have been struck by the increased attention that has recently been paid to the protection of birds, and they must have hailed this movement with delight. In newspapers, journals, books, and pamphlets we come across articles and essays dealing with the various attempts to promote this object ; while societies and communities, as well as individuals, exert themselves on all sides in the good cause.

The energetic fashion in which Government authorities have taken up the question of the protection of birds on a rational basis deserves special mention. We need only refer here to the Paris Convention of June, 1895, which was signed by most of the European States, for carrying out the Protection of our Native Birds,” issued by the Prussian Board of Agriculture, Crown Lands, and Forests, the Orders issued for enforcing protection, the State authorization and support of the Seebach experimental station, and to the far-reaching and practical measures which have been introduced into the Kingdom of Bavaria, the Grand Duchies of Hesse and Baden, the State of Hamburg, and other German States.

The Act for the Protection of Birds has at last become law in the German Empire, and deserves to be specially mentioned. I should like to thank, in the name of the cause, those who worked so cheerfully for its accomplishment in spite of opposition. It is this Act that gives real protection to our feathered friends, and selfish motives can no longer interfere with a practical protection of birds. Things permissible, and perhaps useful at a time when birds were more numerous and the conditions of life more favourable, become impossible in our present state of civilization, which has resulted in a rapid decrease in the number of birds.”




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