How to Think Music

Nov 21, 2013 by

howtothinkmusicHow to Think Music by Harriet Seymour was originally published in 1910 and includes chapters on melody, rhythm and chords.  Harriet Seymour was a music teacher and this book is a wonderful addition to any music student’s library.

A few lines from her book to give you a feel for it:

“Thus far we have dealt only with the melodic side of the question. In most cases it seems best to do this, but again there is no iron-clad rule, and if the harmonic side (“the bass”) interests an older pupil more than the melodic does, work may be done there first as well as last.

To sum up what the pupil must have learned in order to transpose simple melodies into all keys ; he must hear or think a melody ; be conscious of the tonality or “home” tone, and of the scale relationship. He must be sure of the simple intervals as they occur in the scale and be able to sing the melody he has conceived, and to find it on the keyboard in all keys. If there is time, the sol fa syllables should be taught and used, but as time is usually so limited, it is better to use the ordinary alphabetical names.”


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