In Harmony with Life

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In Harmony with Life by Harriet Doan Prentiss was originally published in 1922 and has some good pointers that are till valid in today’s world.

Here are a few paragraphs to give you a feel for Harriet’s book:

“The wonder of it all is that we have been so uncomprehending in our conceptions of life; that we have not known how to utilize to advantage the animating power that is latent within us; that we have not relied sufficiently for our inspirations upon the Omnipotent Mind that suffuses all space and permeates our innermost being. It needs only a clear analysis of God — or Universal energy — and a right comprehension of our relation to the intelligent all-pervading principle of life, to give us a mathematical formula which may be successfully applied to every problem we wish to solve. This principle can always be relied upon, and is so demonstrable that we may know accurately with what we are dealing.

We have not realized the necessity of keeping in tune and of helping others to hold to the score of harmony in the great symphony of life. Since God is the intelligent energy back of all forms of expression — the urge of life, the pure essence of love, the generator of strength, and of every form of power which sustains all there is in universal expression and is here to support us, why do we fill our minds with skepticism and doubt, forebodings and fears? We are literally swimming in a sea of life, and as a sponge absorbs the water so may we saturate ourselves with all the varied qualities of Infinite Mind.

This being true, there is no need for us to struggle against evil. Our sole effort should consist in opening our consciousness in receptivity to good. We should have literally nothing whatever to do with calamity or sickness or any negative condition that follows in the wake of discordant thinking and false beliefs. It is all a matter of opening or of closing our minds to the right influences and of allowing the harmonious uplifting, stimulating inflow of Omnipresent power to operate continuously through us. When once we realize that God’s intelligence does fill all space, we begin to absorb and utilize constructively the principle that permeates our being and surrounds our lives. We appropriate this God-power that is always available as naturally and as simply as we draw our breath. It is an awakened consciousness of our possessions which secures our benefits.


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