Karam’s Shorthand

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Karan'sShorthandKaram’s Shorthand by A. Karam  describes itself as: Four Easy Lessons. Everything in the Language is Written in Familiar Longhand Characters, Briefly and Legibly!

This is an interesting little book because it was originally published in 1922, long before our current ease of life with computers. Karam’s system actually teaches how to take dictation by HAND writing long hand.  I don’t know how they did it!  Interesting glimpse into the early 1920’s.

from the introduction:

“The system presented herein is designed for the following purposes: 1. To increase shorthand speed. 2. To supply a method of Shorthand which employs the Longhand characters, but, by using contracted combinations, the out line works more efficiently……Three years of hard mental work, analyzing words in the dictionary to perfect a practical method of abbreviations to simplify the old complicated Shorthand Systems. And to give people in every walk of life the full chance to write and read Shorthand easily and correctly. It is not only a system of “Practical Abbreviations” but a real Shorthand written in Longhand Characters, to eliminate the long and difficult practice necessary to master other systems. And the theory of writing the outline of words, Is controlled under specified rules to make Karam’s Shorthand — Practical and Simple. SPEED UNLIMITED: Average people with common school education can write 50 words per minute in longhand (every word in full). NOW, in writing 50 words per minute longhand, you will be able to more than treble your longhand in writing Karam’s Shorthand. KARAM’S SHORTHAND: Can also be written on any typewriter. Many stenographers can write more than 100 words per minute on a typewriter. (Every word in full.) After you master our system, you’ll be able to take dictation on a typewriter at extraordinary speed — But remember, all you need is 100 words per minute speed to hold a well paying stenographic position.”



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