Key to Business Shorthand

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A reproduction of the original book KEY TO BUSINESS SHORTHAND by Duran Kimball first published in 1906/1913.

A few paragraphs from the preface for you:

“This book is not intended to encourage laziness, or the shirking of the necessary amount (not large) of close attention and work which must be done by the student to acquire efficiency in this new and better way of writing, but to aid in presenting the subject so fully and clearly that no attentive person need make a mistake or waste any time or effort in learning and to lighten the work and increase the efficiency of the teacher. In these matters “an ounce of prevention” (of mistakes) is worth many pounds of “cure” (corrections) to both learner and teacher in the saving of time and unnecessary work.

Students in schools will find the arrangement and presentation of the subject in Business Shorthand and this Key the most direct, expeditious and economical possible; while those who must learn at home, or without a teacher, will find the method of instruction and the large amount of material furnished for practise drill to be just what they need to bring desired results. By following out the plan outlined in Suggestions to Teachers and Students on page 88 and following, the teacher will find that by this method he is relieved entirely from the tedious, wasteful and vexatious drudgery of correcting exercises, and as a consequence, by proper management, can successfully conduct large as well as small classes without being

Heretofore crude and difficult systems, costly outfit of books, etc., slow and discouraging methods of instruction, with attendant large percentage of failures, high-salaried, special teachers, involving large expense, have prevented the introduction of shorthand and typewriting in many schools where otherwise they would have been taught. By introducing easily learned, swiftly written, certainly read Takigrafy, which is adapted to all writing purposes, taught from low-priced textbooks, by time- and labor-saving methods and by teachers already employed, involving no extra expense, it is now entirely practicable for all school officials to give their pupils thorough, practical instruction in these important branches, with the certainty that no intelligent, industrious student need fail to make them practically useful.”


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