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khakiFor all you talented knitters out there I have found a really cool old book that explains a number of knitting procedures (you can tell I don’t knit…).  Khaki Knitting Book by Olive Whiting was originally published in 1917 and though I’ve looked through the book quite a bit, I still don’t understand exactly why it is called the “Khaki” knitting book.  If any of you know why, please leave a comment below for the rest of us!

Here in Olive’s words, what this book is about: “This book IS in no sense an instruction book, but for those who are familiar with the art of knitting the articles therein will be found practical and easy to make.”

There we have it, straight from the author. Only get this book if you already know how to knit!

She fills the book with an amazing amount of information – here are a few examples of what she offers:

Ladies’ Knitted Sweater
Sleeveless Jacket
Ladies’ Knitted Slip-On Sweater
Large Sleeveless Jacket
Sleeveless Jersey
Wristlets Regulation Wristlets
Knitted Wristlets
Crocheted Wristlets with Thumbhole, or Half Glove
Men’s Socks Socks, in Plain Knitting
Bed Socks
Regulation Socks
Light Hard-Wearing Socks for Men
Man’s Socks
Knitted Socks for Service Wear
Heelless Socks
Bed Socks
Men’s Socks knit on 2 needles
Soldiers’ Knitted Sleeping or Stump Socks
Knitted Socks for Medium-Sized Men
Crocheted Hospital Stockings
Knitted Sleeping Socks
Children’s Sweaters Boys’ Knitted Sweater
Child’s Closed Sweater, with V neck
Child’s Knitted Slip-Over Sweater, with Collar
Child’s Knitted Sweater
Men’s Scarfs and Mufflers Crocheted Scarf
Crocheted Scarf
Knitted Muffler
Men’s Mittens Knitted Thumbless Mittens
Crocheted Thumbless Mittens
Men’s Knitted Mittens
Long Crocheted Wristlets with Thumbholes, or Half Glove
Crocheted Wristlets
Soldiers’ Knitted Fingerless Gloves, with Thumb and Index Finger
Knitted Mittens
Knitted Bath Mitt
Men’s Caps, Helmets, Abdominal Bands, etc. Men’s Knitted Polo Caps
A Man’s Helmet, with Cape Pieces
Seamen’s Helmet
Helmet without Cape Pieces
Sleeping Cap
French Soldier’s Crocheted Cap
Knitted Cap, and Combination Scarf and Cap for Convalescent Wear
Men’s Trench Caps
Ear Protectors with Head Band
Abdominal Band
Knitted Knee Caps
Knitted Eve Bandage
Knitted Wash Cloth
Knitted Hot-Water Bottle Cover
Knee Cap
Abdominal Scarf Belt
Comfort Bags, for Soldier or Sailor
Boys’ Caps Boys’ Knitted Polo Cap. See under Men’s Polo Cap. Boys’ Knitted Storm Cap
Infants’ Bands Knitted Band
Baby’s Caps and Socks Baby’s Knitted Hood
Infant’s Snowflake Hood
Infant’s High Knitted Bootees
Child’s Mittens Child’s Knitted Mittens
Child’s Knitted Mittens
Baby’s Knitted Angora Mittens
Baby’s Thumbless Mittens
Child’s Mittens
Children’s Stockings Child’s Socks
Boys’ Socks
Child’s Three-quarter Stocking, with Scotch Top
Crocheted and Knitted Ambulance or Hospital Blankets
Crocheted Blanket; Cross in Centre
Knitted Blocks for Blankets
Knitted Blanket with American Flag


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