Lampshades: How to Make Them

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lampshadesLampshades: How to Make Them by Olive Earle was originally published in 1921.  Everything you need to know to make your very own lampshades!!!

A few exciting words from the introduction:

“LAMPSHADE making should be considered as an art as well as a craft, and perhaps the first thought to be kept in mind when planning a shade, is the decorative point of view. No matter how beautifully a shade may be made, no matter what care may be taken with the intricacies of measurements and linings, the labor is wasted if the resulting effect in the room, is not pleasing.

As a general rule, lighting fixtures and shades are accessories to a room rather than a main feature. In fact, there is nothing much worse in interior decoration than lights which insist on making themselves apparent the moment one enters the room. Therefore, when the old lampshade is to be discarded it is well to consider whether the shape of the present frame is exactly right or whether a new one should be chosen.

Look at it critically and decide whether it is large enough for the base, or perhaps a little top-heavy; again it may be that it takes no more than its fair share of space on the table or in the corner where it stands. Many a small room has taken on the dimensions of a dolls-house drawing-room owing to the vastness of the lampshade, and who does not know the bother of having to move a large floor lamp to some place where it will be a little less in the way.

Inversely, the dignity of a large room may be seriously impaired by the choice of an insignificant fixture and shade. Having decided perhaps, that the old frame will not do this time, try to visualize the size and shape that would be most satisfying and would relate itself most harmoniously to the furniture and decoration of the room. The next important consideration is the color effect ….”


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