Learning to Think

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thinkLEARNING TO THINK by Old Humphrey is a very old novel written by someone under the name of “Old Humphrey” and was first published in 1800.  A long lost little story re-discovered.

Here are a few lines to give you a feel for the writing style:

“Well, then, if you will learn to think, I will teach you as well as I can, and you shall know all that my kind tutor, Mr. White, teaches me. He has paid great attention to me, and I have done my best to make progress. He tells me that, to a thinking per- son, every thing on which the eye can look becomes an object of interest. In the grains of corn, he sees the food on which millions of people live ; in the flax growing in the field, and the wool on the sheep’s back, he regards the clothing that covers mankind ; and in the drops of dew that spangle the grass, and the stars that glitter in the skies, he beholds God’s workmanship :nor is there a single thing which does not supply him. with useful reflections.

If I learn to think, shall I know why a peg-top spins, a ball bounces, a humming-top makes a noise, and a kite flies in the air ?” ” Oh, yes, and a hundred things more useful to know: but see, your ship is unsteady ; you should cast anchor. I was by the river side yesterday with Mr. White, and we walked to a spot where an anchor lay on the ground. He talked about it, till I knew a great deal more about an anchor than I ever before…”



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