Letters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland

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lettersLetters of Queen Elizabeth and King James VI of Scotland was originally published in 1838.  It just doesn’t get any better than this if you are into all things royal.

Here is a small tidbit to give you an idea:

“You knowe, my deare brother, that, sins you first brethed, I regarded alwais to conserue hit as my womb hit had bine you bare. Yea, I withstode the handz and helps of a mighty king to make you safe, iven gained by the bloud of many my deare subjects Hues. I made myself the bulwark bitwixt you and your harmes whan many a wyle was invented to stele you from your land, and making other posses your soile. Whan your best holdz wer in my handz, did I retaine them ? Nay, I bothe conserved them and rendred them to you. Could I indure (thogh to my great expence) that forennars shuld haue foteing in your kingdome, albeit ther was than some lawfall semblance to make other suppose (that cared not as I did) that ther was no danger ment ? No. I neuer left til all the Frenche that kept ther life parted from your soile, and so hit pleased the Hiest to bles me in that action, as you haue euer sins raigned void of other nation than your owne. Now, to preserue this, you haue overslipt so many soundry and dangerous attemps, in nether uniting with them whan you knewe them, nor cutting them of whan you had them, that if you hast no bettar now than hiretofor, hit wyl be to late to helpe whan non shal avale you. Let me remember you how wel I was thanked, or he rewarded, that ons broght all the lettars of all thos wicked conspirators of the Spanische faction, even the selfe same that yet stil you haue, to your eminent peril, conserued in ther estates. Was I not so muche douted as hit was thoght an Italian invention to make you holde me dearer, and contrived of malice, not don by cause ; and, in that respect, the poore man, that knewe no other of his taking but as if thiues had as- sailed him, he most cruelly soufert so giltles a marterdome as his tor- mentors douted his life ; so sore had he the bootes, whan the wer ivel- worthy life that bade hit. See what good incouragement I receved for many wacheful cares for your best safty ! Wel, did this so dis- comfort my good wyl as, for al this, did I not euer seme for your true espiall, iven whan you left your land and yours ready, welny,  to receaue suche foraine forsis as the required and wer promised ; wiche, if you had pleased to knowe, was and is to evident to be proved. But what of all this, if he who most aught, did naught to assure him, or to requite them ?”


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