Letters on Occult Meditation

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lettersonOccultLETTERS ON OCCULT MEDITATION Received and Edited by Alice Bailey was first published in 1922.  This is an interesting book as Alice thanks the “Tibetan teacher who wrote these letters and authorized their publication.”

Here is the foreword to Alice’s book:

The following letters were received during the period included within the dates, May 16th, 1920, and October 20th, 1920, with the exception of the three letters which were received in 1919. With the consent of their author they have been gathered together for publication. They are published in full as received, with the exception of certain parts which have a purely personal application, those having reference to a certain occult school, and those of a prophetic or esoteric nature, which may not now be communicated.

It is hoped that those who read these letters will endeavor to do two things :
1. Read always with an open mind, remembering that the Truth is a many sided diamond, and that its different aspects will appear at different times, as Those Who guide the race see a need which must be met. Many books on Meditation have been written, some too abstruse and some too superficial to satisfy the average educated man. The writer of these letters has apparently attempted to supply the need of a brief yet scientific exposition of a rationale of Meditation, emphasizing the goal immediately ahead and the intermediate stages.
2. Judge of the letters on their merits and not upon claims put forth on behalf of the writer. For this reason he has chosen to preserve his anonymity and has requested the recipient of the letters to publish them under his pseudonym. If the subject matter of the letters is of value it will call forth a response from the readers and serve to help some onward towards the goal, and prove to many the inspiration and aid it already has to a few.
Alice A. Bailey. New York, 1922.”

Sample letter:

“September 7th, 1920.
Today we will take up the subject of the application of colour. If colours are but the veil cast over an influence, and if you can, by use of the intuition, find out which, colours thus shroud a virtue you have the key to the matter in hand. You will have noted two facts that stand out in these letters : — That the subject touched upon is so vast that only its outline has in any way been attempted. That each sentence written in these letters aims at an exact impartation of a complete thought and is full of matter for consideration.
Why have I not dealt with the matter in greater detail, and why have I not entered into lengthy explanations and sought to expand the sentences into paragraphs? For the sole reason that if the preliminary work has been done in the meditation of the past years by the student he will find the material of these letters conducive to the development of abstract thought, and to the widening of the channel that communicates with the intuition. I but seek to be suggestive. My aim is but to indicate. The usefulness of the teaching I give depends upon the intuition of the pupil. Therefore, when I say that colour has certain effects when applied I would warn you that it will be necessary to interpret the above in terms of life, in terms of form, and in terms of mind.

The application of colour. a. In meditation. b. In healing. c. In constructive work. Colour may be used in many ways, and the above three ways do not cover the subject. They but indicate three ways that are of immediate and practical use to the student. Colour may be employed in contacting other evolutions, sub-human or super-human: in definite work of destruction or of shattering; it may be used in conjunction with other methods such as music or movement, or in connection with stated mantras thereby bringing about certain results, but with all these we need not, in this series of letters, concern ourselves.

The growth of the individual and his increased capacity to be of service are all brought about by the wise use of occult meditation. Let us therefore consider our first point. Use of Colour in Meditation. All colours emanate from one source or one primary colour — in this solar system the cosmic ray of indigo veiling cosmic love or wisdom, — and then split into three major colours and thence into the four minor, making the seven colours of the spectrum. You will expect to see the same effect in the life of the individual, for always the macrocosm affects the microcosm. His primary colour will be his monadic ray, manifesting next in the three colours of the Triad and in the four colours of the Quarternary. These colours on the path of return are resolved into the three and thence again into the one.”


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