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mybreathingsystemMy Breathing System by J.P. Muller originally published in 1916  and is an incredible and timeless resource re: ‘BREATHING’ for increased health, vigor, vitality and energy. Unfortunately, the majority of humans breathe shallow resulting in less oxygen and thus less energy. Lieut. Muller explains with the use of many interesting illustrations and photos and his easy to understand manner how simply improving your breathing you can greatly increase your health.  This is truly a book way before its time for gaining insight into good breathing, wellness and increased energy.

This is a reproduction from an original edition of his book so you get to see the cool font and extraordinarily awesome pictures!!

A few words by J.P. Muller from chapter 1 to get you started on healthy breathing:



Everybody knows that without air we should be unable to exist more than a few minutes, but that it is possible to exist for at least a week without water, while people have fasted from food for from forty to seventy days and even longer. Air is a nutriment, therefore, of even more importance than liquid and solid foods; yet it is remarkable that the majority of people devote so much consideration to what they eat and drink and so little to what or how they breathe.

The element contained in the air we breathe which is of prime necessity to our existence is oxygen. Protoplasm, which is the physical basis of life, the substance of which all the cells which form the body are composed, is continually undergoing chemical change, which change of matter is known as metabolism — complex substances are built up from simple ones, which are in turn broken up ; the chemical energy of the food brought to the cells is transformed into the energy of motion, heat, etc. Without oxygen, protoplasm cannot exist; and an insufficient supply hinders metabolism. Once this is understood, the reason why metabolic diseases (gout, rheumatism, obesity, anaemia, chlorosis, jaundice, diabetes) are so common is evident.

How then can we inflate the lungs to their utmost capacity? Only by exercise, and by learning, during such exercise, to breathe deeply and in a correct manner. Of course everybody does breathe after a fashion, otherwise life would be but a matter of a very few minutes. But few understand how to breathe correctly. We sometimes meet a person who inhales very well, but correct exhalation is comparatively rarely to be found….”




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