Our Home Physician Vol 1 (1869)

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homephysicianOur Home Physician Vol 1 (1869): a new and popular guide to the art of preserving health and treating disease; with plain advice for all the medical and surgical emergencies of the family  Authored by George Miller Beard was originally published in 1869 and gives a very clear picture of medical care during the mid to late 1800’s.  This book will make you send a thank you note to your doctor!

A few words from George Miller Beard on being a physician in 1869… to give you a feel for this fascinating old book:

“The physician, especially the country practitioner, cannot adjust his hours of labor according to hygienic principles. The life of a faithful, successful practitioner must, then, be one of exposure, anxiety, and irregular toil. The city physician is often able to combine in a most happy manner the physical exercise of daily practice with various study and acquisition; thus marrying, as it were, bodily exercise with a purpose, to the calm pursuit of science — a most fortunate union, that cannot fail to be conducive to vigorous health and length of years.

It is stated on very good authority, that physicians are more than ordinarily subject to cardiac disease, owing to the fact that they are so continually obliged to disguise their feelings and thoughts while in the presence of patients. Whatever of truth there may or may not be in the statement, it does not prevent their attaining a high average longevity. Of 490 physicians of Massachusetts who died before 1840, the average age was 57, and 35 in each 100 attained to 70 years.”



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