Palmoni; or, The Numerals of Scripture, a Proof of Inspiration

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Palmoni; or, the Numerals of Scripture, a Proof of Inspiration was written by Milo Mahan in 1863.  It is an interesting and original work.  Numerology, Scripture, coincidence or plan…it’s all here in Palmoni. Here are a few paragraphs from the beginning of the book to give you a feel:

“As the subject of this Inquiry is one that will be new to most readers, and as the principal drift of it will not appear all at once, it seems proper to state beforehand, what are some of the results which may be expected from it. And this I will do in a hypothetical form. Suppose it had been our fortune to alight on some valuable historical documents of the olden time ; suppose these documents, being examined, were found to contain a very precise chronology, covering a period of thousands of years, and interspersed with lively narratives of the most interesting character ; suppose further, that the contents of these documents were of a kind to provoke much discussion, to excite curiosity, to satisfy in part, and in part to baffle, that eager desire of knowledge which is natural to man : we can readily imagine, in such a case, what pains would be taken to make out with precision the Record thus brought before us, to sum up its peculiarities, to ascertain, if possible, the principle on which it was constructed.
Now the Bible is such a collection of ancient documents. It contains a Chronology such as has been described. Yet, strange to say, the effort to draw out that Chronology as a whole, to present it honestly as it is, and to examine and account for its characteristic features, is even to this day almost a new thing. There have been plenty of attempts to amend the Chronology of the Bible. To set it forth symmetrically, in its own proper guise, has been aimed at by few, and has never perhaps been achieved with entire success by any. Suppose further, that, an honest effort being made to give this Chronology as it is, it should thereupon appear to abound in curious parallelisms, in strange coincidences, in symmetries of the most remarkable and rhythmical description. Suppose it should be marked in every part by the recurrence of certain mystical terms of years, not in a random way, but at intervals and in proportions elaborately exact. Suppose, in short, that this Chronology should prove to be constructed on a system. Suppose, finally, that a key to this system should appear in certain numerals, such as Five, Seven, Eight, Thirteen, and the like, which can be shown, by a rigorous induction and by scientific tests, to have a definite spiritual meaning, over and above their arithmetical value.  Browne’s Ordo Sceclorum is the nearest approach to a success ; but in one or two points, as I expect to show, he lias substituted conjecture for facts, preferring epochs of his own to those given him in Scripture. In such a case, the proof of Design in the peculiarities of the Numerals of Scripture would be of such a character as no one could candidly disregard : the notion of distinct coincidences would be absolutely excluded. But suppose further……”


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