Popular Superstitions and the Truths Contained Within

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superstitionsPopular Superstitions and the Truths Contained Within by Dr. Herbert Mayo is a collection of letters written first  in 1846 and then published in 1852.

From his prefatory remarks:
“In the following Letters I have endeavoured to exhibit in their true light the singular natural phenomena of which old superstition and modern charlatanism in turn availed themselves — to indicate their laws, and to develope their theory. The subject is so important that I might well have approached it in a severer guise. But, slight as this performance may appear, I profess to have employed upon it the keenest and most patient efforts of reflection of which I am capable. And as to its tone at the commencement, and the prominence given to popular and trivial topics, I candidly avow that, without some such artifice, I doubt whether I should have found a publisher of repute to publish, or a circle of readers to read, my lucubrations.”

LETTER I. The Divining-Rod
LETTER II. Vampyrism
LETTER III. Unreal Ghosts
LETTER IV. True Ghosts
LETTER V. Trance
LETTER VI. Trance-Sleep
LETTER VII. Half-waking Trance, or Somnambulism
LETTER VIII. Trance-waking
LETTER IX. Religious Delusions
LETTER X. Mesmerism
LETTER XI. Supplemental
LETTER XII. The Odometer or Divining-Ring
LETTER XIII. The Solution
LETTER XIV. Hypnotism. Trance-Umbra


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