Prolegomena On Punning

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prolegomenaThe title of this book is Prolegomena on Punning, but the true title is actually The Punster’s Pocket-Book; or the Art of Punning enlarged by Bernard Blackmantle illustrated with numerous original designs by Robert Cruikshank is the true name of this old book originally published in 1826.  I really love how in the old days some book titles were exceedingly long.  Now we are used to one to three word titles which may explain the shortened title of this book.  However, it is an exact reproduction of the Punster’s Pock Book from 1826.

Here are a few paragraphs to give you a feel for this book:

“A tailor is the ninth part of a man,” observed a would-be-wit, in the presence of a knight of the sheers :
“But,” answered R. V. ” a fool’s no part at all.”
“He that will pun will pick a pocket,” observed an old cynic. ” You speak from experience” was the stopper to this vinegar cruet.
Rhodes, the punning landlord of the Coal Hole tavern, took the Bell Inn at Hammersmith : R. V. hoped that as he had so long answered the bell, the Bell would now answer him. One asked him what works he had in the press. ” Why, the History of the Bank, with notes ; the Art of Cookery, with plates ; and the Science of Single Stick, with wood cuts ” A person told him that Louis dix-huit, when he entered London, put up at Grillon’s hotel.

” I am surprised at that,” said he ; ” his father took his chop at Hatchets? A barber recommended him his aromatic essence for the improvement of his hair. ” No, no ; don’t waste your fragrance on the desert hair” A friend remarked of a gentleman with very large curly whiskers, that he said nothing. ” Poor fellow ; don’t you see he’s lock-jawed ” How well you put on your cravat,” said a crony : ” that tie ‘s something new. ” Yes ; it’s a novel- tie”




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