Scotland and Her Memories

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Scotland Scotland and Her Memories by  George Ross was an address delivered at Montreal on Hallowe’en, October 31st, 1890. This is reproduction of the original book sold with the speech. Previously hard to come by – and very interesting!!

A few of his opening lines to give you a feel for his delivery:

“I am not a little depressed tonight by the thought that in inviting me to address you the committee was under the impression I was a native of Scotland, and so, fully accredited to speak for the land “of brown heath and shaggy wood.”

I  may as well confess, therefore, at the outset, that I have not that high honor. Years before I was born, my parents bade adieu to their native glens in Rossshire, took ship at Cromarty, tossed for nine weeks on the broad Atlantic, floated past Montreal, then a village of a few thousand inhabitants, pushed their way westward, how or why I can hardly tell, raised their log cabin in the wilderness, and at some interval between then and now I appeared, Celtic in descent, Celtic in language, associations and sympathies, in fact Celtic in everything except latitude and longitude.

These are my credentials — the best I have to offer. That they are not better is no fault of mine. Under these somewhat untoward circumstances, I shall, therefore, speak to you tonight, not as a Scotsman ” to the manor born,” but as a Scottish Canadian, and I shall do so under the conviction, that if there is a single person before me who could not claim by right of birth an interest in all the glorious deeds of a Scottish ancestry, he would prefer as his next choice an interest as a Canadian of Scottish descent.”


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