Scottish Gaelic as a Specific Subject

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scottish gaelicScottish Gaelic as a Specific Subject by Comunn Gaidhealach was originally published by Archibald Sinclair in 1893.

Here is the PREFACE from the book for more information about its contents:

“This Grammar is designed principally for the teaching of the Scottish Gaelic Language as a specific subject under the Education Code for Scotland ; but it is meant also for other uses. Although there are at present several Gaelic Grammars in print, it is complained that none of them is suitable for the teaching of classes. The Highland Association has therefore undertaken to prepare and publish a new one, of which this is the first part. In the manner of treatment, the Compilers have gone off the beaten track, judging it best to exhibit the structure of the language in a way suited to itself, without having undue regard to conventional methods.

The fact that teachers are not all perfectly conversant with the grammar of the language, has been kept in view. Much of the matter given is meant for their instruction and guidance, and need not necessarily be taught to very young pupils in the order in which it is set down. A good deal must be left in this way to the discretion of teachers. Exercises in translating Gaelic into English, and vice versa, are given at intervals. It was considered advisable, owing to the difficulties of inflection and idiom, to introduce exercises in the translation of English into Gaelic only after inflection is entered upon, and then but sparingly.

No exercises are given in Sections I., II., and III. ; but teachers, if so disposed, can use those given in the other Sections for exercising pupils in Spelling and Pronunciation. The aim of Stage I. is to introduce to pupils the peculiar structure and tendencies of the language, leaving irregularities and other difficulties to be dealt with in Stage II., which, it is intended, shall be mainly an extension of the items taken up in Stage I. The Vocabulary at the end of the book has been arranged to suit the exercises. May, 1893.”



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